Dr. Doenlen donates free photo flights for charitable* organizations.  The following conditions apply:

  1. The place to be photographed should be within 60 miles of Pensacola Regional Airport.
  2. The flights are usually given on Saturday morning, weather permitting.
  3. One or two passengers may fly.
  4. Bring your own camera.  The pilot flies the airplane, and you take the picture.
  5. The airplane has minimal insurance for passengers. Passengers fly at their own risk, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the pilot and owner of the airplane.

Dr. Doenlen has flown over 1,500 accident-free hours as pilot-in-command. (The aircraft flies 110 miles per hour, so Dr. Doenlen has flown over 165,0000 accident-free miles).

*Charitable organizations are not-for-profit organizations for which donations are tax-deductible.  Dr. Doenlen will give photo flights to selected for-profit organizations or individuals who will share flying expenses (where the share is $50 per hour).

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