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  Where is Chris?

Henry (a.k.a. "Harry") is part owner of Psychological Associates, P.A. in Pensacola.  He a Medical Doctor specializing in Forensic Psychiatry and Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychiatry, and is an assistant clinical professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

Elizabeth (a.k.a. "Liz") is half owner of  Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc, which is a "dot-com" computer store and Value-Added Reseller with personal service in Pensacola.
  Christopher is age 20, and he is a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in Finance.
William is age 18, and he entering his freshman year at MIT.

Photo from June, 1994 of Harry Doenlen and Liz Doenlen on their honeymoon in Kenya. There are standing next to a sign showing it is the  Equator.

Arial Views of Pensacola

Harry and Liz flew to Kenya for a "wild" honeymoon in 1984.



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